Josephs Arise to Your Place of Prominence

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It is a time for the Josephs to arise into their places of prominence. Josephs are those with a call from God to preserve a nation through divine strategies. Joseph, by divine revelation, interpreted the dream of the king which brought answers for a nation.

Empowered With Divine Strategies

God is awakening and mobilizing Josephs. God has Josephs throughout the earth who, in the last 3-7 years, have gone through the pit, Potiphar's house and prison. God is getting ready to shift them into their palace season. Josephs are coming onto the scene in governmental positions: locally, federally and internationally.

They are empowered with divine strategies to preserve nations and bring forth God's purpose and plan. They will be key in setting up laws and policy structures to facilitate God's heart. It may be as small as creating a neighborhood watch and safety in local communities to something like establishing international agreements between nations.

Three Things Will Happen for the Josephs in This Season:

1. Joseph's Will Be Remembered

"Now I remember what I was supposed to do...A young Hebrew, who was a servant of the captain of the guard, was there with us at the time. When we told him our dreams, he explained what each of them meant." (Genesis 41:9, 12 CEV)

Seeds of serving and kindness that were sown years ago will produce a harvest of favor and influence today. It will propel them to prominence. The people who Josephs have blessed years ago will come to a place of influence and will now extend access to them.

2. Authority Is Given

"Then the king took off his royal ring and put it on Joseph's finger. He gave him fine clothes to wear and placed a gold chain around his neck." (Genesis 41:42 CEV)

Josephs will be given new levels of authority to bring righteous governing and stewardship in nations. God is positioning Josephs to secondary levels of influence to the main movers and shakers. They are being given access in order to bring Godly impact.

3. Mysteries Are Revealed to Josephs

"He gave Joseph the Egyptian name Zaphenath Paneah." (Genesis 41:45 CEV)

Scholars believe the name Zaphenath Paneah means "the man to whom mysteries are revealed." God is releasing divine revelation to Josephs to bring solutions to problems in the earth.
The Josephs are being called out of their seasons of frustration and feeling stuck into a place of prominence. To move into this new season of prominence Josephs need to let go of the pain of the past and not take on a victim mentality. They must have a mindset of victory.

The past season that Josephs have gone through was preparation for this moment of advancement and position in new authority. The Josephs are coming onto the scene. It's time for the Josephs to arise.