Dark Mantles are being stripped.... let light break forth.

I saw individuals spread out globally that were wearing these mantles of darkness. These people were influencers in their realms of authority. They held titles, positions, active voices on topics, owned businesses, were top of their fields, and were people who are looked to as influencers in a territory. The dark mantles gave them the power to keep darkness in place, making them a force in the earth that gave darkness access and authority to stand. It empowered systems of evil to be in operation in regions and in spheres of authority.

Then I saw the Lord begin to remove the dark mantles from these individuals stripping them of their power. As this happened, light began to fill these places.

I heard the Lord say, "There is a changing of the guard! I'm coming to invade realms long occupied by darkness and evil systems. Partner with me, decree with me over your region and sphere, and watch as I remove and replace the old guards with my hidden people that have been faithful, on the sidelines, just off stage. Tag, you're it! It is time to take the field and it's your turn to run the plays that bring forth my life and light into these long occupied places of darkness. I'm changing things that people have long declared 'it's impossible for this to change.'"

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