Prophetic Dream about Roe V. Wade

I had a dream on May 16, 2017. I shared it with a few key leaders, and in some private meetings, but I have not shared it publicly. I now feel led to share this in light of the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

"I was on a walking tour with a small group of people. It was like the type of tours you do in historic areas. There were about four stops on the tour of monuments of accomplishments and victories. I don’t remember the first three stops. We got to the last stop, and the guide pointed at this gray building with white trim and said that is the site of Roe v. Wade. We had to look through a structure that was in front of us to see it. We were standing across the street from it on the steps of another building, and he said we had a strategic spot here, right across from where it happened.

He then said, "but now we have this structure right where it happened." He said the structure in front of Roe v. Wade was a memorial for Roe v. Wade. The guide took us across the street to get a closer look at the monument. It looked similar to the WWII memorial in Washington. D.C. ( In the dream I felt like we were in Missouri for some reason.) When I got closer, I crawled onto the bottom platform to look up at the memorial. It was tall and had two parallel pillar walls with the United Nations logo as the roof connecting them. As I looked up, I felt emotions rise from deep inside me and explode into uncontrollable weeping. The cry was a cry of awe, gratitude, raw emotion of I can’t believe this monument is real, and wow this happened. The feeling was we are looking at something that God has established in the earth showing His victory. As I was still crying, someone placed their hand on my shoulder in comfort and understanding and said, "yes I know son." In the dream, I knew it to be Dutch Sheets. I felt his approval and understanding. I also thought "Dutch does not know me to call me son." The thought hit me that he is a father in the movement." Then I woke up.

Could this be the moment in history where Roe v. Wade is overturned? 

I believe America is at the door of a massive breakthrough that God is initiating that will lead us into breakthroughs and shifts that will release a reformation that at this moment we might find hard to even believe for. 

God is about to demonstrate His victory publicly in this season as He did in 1 Samuel 5, where Dagon is knocked on its face before God.