A Year of Reaching for the Risk



Stretch Out
The enemy has been circling in and trying to cause us to shrink back and narrow our territory and impact. Isaiah 54:2 is a key verse in 2018 as God breaks through the boundaries in our lives.
"Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.”
Isaiah 54:2 ESV
It's is a season to stretch our faith out for more. Expand our tent pegs beyond our limitations. We must not settle but push forward for the greater. God is calling us to grow. It's time to enlarge our territory and sphere of influence.
Reach farther than where you have reached before. Grab your tent peg and rip it out of the ground of comfort. Plant it in the place that seems impossible. Put your tent peg in a spot that makes you uncomfortable and uncertain. God will meet you in the area of uncertainty in this season. Go for the big. Reach beyond your comfort zone.
Canon Andrew White, The Vicar of Baghdad, was given this advice: "Don't take care, take risk." God is calling us not to take care, but take a risk. We all are comfortable to operate at a certain level. It's usually at a place that doesn't require us to take a risk. God wants us to take a risk in 2018.
If you have desired to start a business, create a ministry, or run for political office, this is your time to leap. The thing that God has put in your heart, go after it. It's not coming to you. It's your time to press and reach for it.
Appointed time for Breakthrough
In Luke 8:40-56 we see the story of the woman with the issue of blood.  
In verse 42 we see that Jairus' daughter was 12 years old and in verse 43 we see that this woman had her issue for 12 years. The moment that this lady’s problem started, God had her solution in mind. The thing that would position her for breakthrough and a miracle was born.  She had to wait until her appointed time to reach out to Jesus and to receive her breakthrough and miracle. It was her faith that she had to stretch out to receive it.
God has a breakthrough this year for you that He has pre-ordained. In this season God is waiting for you to step out and experience what He was set up for this moment in your life. God has called us to partner and work with Him, not just for Him. He wants to share His power with us in a greater way, but we have to meet Him in faith.
The greater reaching you do in this season, the greater level of reward you will receive.  There is an invitation to step into the unknown. Run to the risk God is drawing you to, it will produce miracles for you.
5 Areas to stretch out in 2018
1 Reach out in Surrender
This is a time to give up more of ourselves to receive more of Him.
God is multiplying our surrender.  To the degree we reach, He is reaching back with double. Give him what He is asking for and He will give you what you are asking twice as much.
2 Reach out for the Presence
We have been conditioned for the presence of God at a certain level. God wants to take us deeper into His presence and cause us to experience Him.  God is expanding the capacity to experience Him. Don't look back to the glory days, look ahead and reach for the glory that is coming.
3 Reach out in the Word
God wants to bring forth fresh insight and revelation as you read His Word. God is releasing new life to your as you read the scriptures this year.
4 Reach out in New Opportunities
God is bringing new opportunities to your reach. Stretch out and grab them when they come by.  New jobs, new business ideas, new levels of promotion.
5 Reach out in Faith
God is growing your faith this year.  Dormant faith will not grow, but active faith will grow leaps and bounds.