Break up with Defeat (Digital ebook)
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Do you feel unmotivated, drained, overwhelmed, and beaten up by life? Are you just going through the motions, but have no passion? Do you feel like defeat is your best friend because you have experienced it so much? Public speaker Jermaine Francis talks straight about how defeat is ruling many of our lives and how to get free from under it.

Jermaine has gone through his own journey of breaking up with defeat; he wants to help you get there. Through stories, scriptures, humor, and practical tips, he shows the way to anyone who needs the victory of God in their lives. In these pages you’ll discover

—the five mindsets of defeat robbing from you the traps of defeat;

—how to get victory in every circumstance;

—how to live a life of sustained victory; and

—how to bring victory to others.

Jesus purchased victory for your life, but we must be willing to break up with defeat to experience it. This book will shift you from being a victim to a victor. If you are ready to live differently and see victory every day in your life but don’t know how, this book is for you.

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Jermaine Francis is a powerful prophetic voice who truly lives what he teaches. It has been my privilege to have him and his beautiful wife, Rebecca, minister in all of our Mercy homes in the United States and Canada. If you truly grasp the concept of this book Break up with Defeat, it will absolutely change everything in your life!! This book is power-packed with practical tools of application that will cause you to walk in VICTORY everyday of your life!!

Nancy Alcorn
Founder and President
Mercy Multiplied

Jermaine Francis communicators in a real way the truth about victory. This book will connect with your heart and bring you fresh hope. It will also challenge and encourage you.

Shannon E. Young, Worship Director at Kingdom Life Fellowship, Sewell, New Jersey

Have you ever said, “there is more to my life than this?” Break up with Defeat is a must-have resource in your arsenal filled with real life accounts and strategies on living a victorious life. Jermaine Francis has been graced by God to awaken a generation of forerunners and world shakers.

Torrey Marcel Harper Director of Times Square House of Prayer, NYC
I have been thoroughly edified by every page of Break up with Defeat. Jermaine does a meticulous yet practical job of exposing the characteristics of defeatism, highlighting potential, and lifting the reader to a place of ascertaining victory in their personal lives. I will definitely be purchasing a copy for each of the leaders that surround me in my company and church. They will only be provoked for the better as have I, and you, if you pick up this book today.

Dwayne Howard Chief Steward of Kainos Creative Studios, Elder at New Dimensions Ministries, Co-Founder of Awake The Flame, and Author of Leader Ecology
Perhaps the most humbling task we have as Christians is to receive the victory that Jesus has won for us. Sometimes we struggle in defeat because we don’t know what we have access to. I eagerly await people being impacted by this book…it’s needed.

Darrell D. Patrick Darrell Patrick Ministries, Inc.