Ever tried to look on the bright side? Ever said you were “just thankful it wasn’t worse”? Let’s be honest—life has bad moments. But what if you never again had to resort to being just thankful it wasn’t worse? Rebecca shares her encounter with God that did that for her and shows you the answer to 100% gratitude no matter what is happening. You’ll learn...

• the positive, immediate benefits from Biblical thankfulness

• why conventional thankfulness falls shorts

• power to recognize and reject the victim mentality

• security to stop comparison, competition and jealousy

• the simple, 120-second action you can do anytime, any place to

 get an immediate boost of thankfulness, joy, courage and more.

Encounter true gratitude, unattached from any object or circumstance, and watch your life transform.


“I am so GRATEFUL for this book!  It is so personal, so enjoyable to read and so powerful.  I want to buy copies by the box and hand it out to everyone I know, realizing the gems inside will make them rich.  Thank you Rebecca for giving us this life changing, world shaping tool.”

Author of Dreams & Visions, The Cyrus Decree and The Deborah Company
Co-Pastor of Vision Church @ Christian International